Spirit Levels: Exorcising The Ghost of Assessment Past

This is the first blogpost that I’ve ever reblogged. It’s from the extraordinarily articulate Kev Bartle, on why National Levels still haunt English schools. It resonates with a lot of the thinking I’m doing at the moment on levelled versus mastery assessment.

kevenbartle's Blog

National Curriculum Levels are dead. That’s the starting point of this post. In secondary schools, at KS3, they have been dead for 5 years now. They were brutally and fatally assaulted with the disastrous KS3 tests of 2007 and then dispatched with a bullet to the head in 2008 when the SATs were scrapped by the parliamentary committee investigating the previous year’s debacle.

KS2 levels, however, have taken a lot longer to die. Tortured at the rack of a union boycott and broken on the wheel of ministerial dithering they have finally been put out of their misery by the new primary National Curriculum and the relatively grudging acceptance of all political parties that they’ll need to work out an alternative accountability framework for primaries (even if they don’t seem yet to have midwifed this new assessment baby into the world).

Nobody much will miss NC Levels. For the DfE…

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