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Knowledge-led strategy

How can we think better about school improvement?  Schools are prone to overstretch.  We need a way forward that doesn’t overload us as school leaders.  But we should also beware of oversimplifying and boxing ourselves in to templates.  The history … Continue reading

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Overstretch: how and why to say no

   Every September I’ve taught in schools, I have to admit I’ve felt a bit frazzled! School staff are beset by a dizzying dazzle of pressing decisions, concerns, dilemmas, and requests; cudgelled with urgent demands, requirements, conflicts, pressures and pickles.  … Continue reading

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Hornets and Butterflies: How to reduce workload

       When teachers were asked about workload, 44,000 responded. Teachers work 50-to-60 hour weeks, often starting at 7am, often leaving after 6pm, and often working weekends. Some 90% of teachers have considered giving up teaching because of excessive … Continue reading

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How can schools create a vibrant staff culture?

“School leaders must never forget: nothing is more important than your people” Paul Bambrick-Santoyo   The Goose and the Golden Eggs Aesop’s fable One day, a man found a glittering golden egg in his goose’s nest. At first, he thought … Continue reading

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