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I’m a Deputy Headteacher. I write about teaching, research, curriculum and assessment, teacher training, leadership and the education system. puzzle










About Joe Kirby

English teacher, Deputy Headteacher, education writer
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4 Responses to A guide to this blog

  1. bt0558 says:

    An interesting and challenging list Joe.

    To quote the great Basil Fawlty to the rat inspector……..”other than that everything is ok?”

    Easier to pass throught the eye of a needle and all that.

    Couldn’t we just tell the kid, explain to the kid, check for understanding and move on. Lots of people teach lots of people lots of things all the time. Is it really that complicated. Just wondering.

    Enjoy the remainder of Easter.

  2. pahi smith says:

    This is really too good for programming information. i read your some of these articles and all are quite inspirational.

  3. It is really too nice for correspondence courses. I read and enjoy this article. It is inspiration the students for career growth.

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